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Discover the new flavors of nuo ™ Sticks from British Tobacco.

4 different flavors

glo ™ Hyper is only used with nuo ™ sticks. Nuo ™ sticks, have a slim format with 4 different flavor types, generate 90-95 percent less toxic substances than traditional cigarettes, as they heat tobacco instead of burning it like cigarettes.

Possibility to use without a break

British American Tobacco (BAT) introduces the new tobacco heater glo ™ Hyper. In Boost Mode, the device heats up at a higher temperature than Standard Mode and is ready for use faster. With its Boost feature exclusive to glo ™, it instantly increases the heat and offers a more intense smoking experience. Moreover, glo ™ Hyper offers its consumers the opportunity to use it 3 times in a row. Thus, you do not have to wait between sessions. The glo ™ Hyper device is fully charged for up to 2 hours and offers up to 20 drinks a day on one full charge.

Nuo ™ sticks are available to purchase from our online store in a wide variety of flavors to cater to the demands of consumers around the world:

  • Terracotta Tobacco: Classic tobacco flavor
  • Blue Click: When you pop the capsule, it offers intense menthol freshness.
  • Redberry Click: Delivers red fruit flavor when you pop the capsule
  • Blueberry Click: Delivers blueberry flavor when you pop the capsule

Package contains 1 Carton (10 Packs) of Blue Click Nuo ™ sticks



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